Vi Gassman

Vi Gassman
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 1997

Artist's Statement

     Having been paralyzed by polio  as a child most probably determined my becoming an artist.  Instead of skating and jumpig rope, I drew and painted.  Then art was my elective in high school, my major in college, and it has remained my passion ever since.


     I am engaged most often with two subjects--abstraction and the human figure.  Abstract painting allows me total freedom:  freedom to lose myself in vivid color, line and texture.  My latest abstract works are ocean paintings showing shells and globes tossed by the waves.


     In addition to these abstracts, which are always painted in acrylics, I paint figures in mixed media.  For me, the human body holds the utmost fascination.  I work from the live model, drawing for several hours, and later, when the model has left, I convert these drawings to paintings in the studio.  I may incoporate watercolor, gouache, acrylics and watercolor crayons into these works.  My figure paintings are not portraits; instead they lean towards abstraction.


     Whether working with the real or the abstract, water media or acrylics, my goal is to present exciting and moving images.  In all my work, I hope that the viewer will sense my verve for life and my love of art.