Tish Wynne

Tish Wynne
Media : Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor
Studio : Tish Wynne Fine Arts
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2017

Artist's Bio

My name is Tish Wynne and I'm an award winning artist, graphic designer, muralist and screen printer. I grew up in rural Massachussets and came to California at the age of 11.      I have worked in the graphics dept. for many years in the screen printing industry as an artist and eventually started my own company creating and selling custom designs. My painting carrer took off when I started painitng murals and now I am Painting in the fine arts field, which was a dream of mine since the begining. I paint in Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor and pen & Ink. I find that I can use any medium without fear and learn to master all that I can. Displaying my art in local galleries and art shows. I have been accepted into the San Diego county Fair's International art shows 5 years in a row and have won awards every year, including a first place in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Growing up as a child I always had a facination with wildlife and nature. I would explore my outdoor world without fear or limitations. With this facination, I started to draw at a very young age. Encouraged by my mom, who had seen the natural talent I had, she supplied me with the tools to be creative. I would always be drawing something or out exploring. In all the years of schooling my teachers encouraged me to push my boundaries with what I could create. An "A" in art was the norm for me. In high school my teachers encouraged me to show my work in local art shows where I would start winning awards. My art was chosen for the advertizing poster for the Museum of Art "Student show" in San Diego.  This was a glimps of what was ahead for me in the art world.  I have always been inspired by bright and cheerfull colors. The use of color is endless.

Artist's Statement

Creation Expressed Through Animals & Nature

An artistic response to the beauty and the unique qualities in all creatures and nature shown to us through creation. Thier fur, feathers, scales, colors and patterns are portrayed by the artist in a whimsical expression of life on earth. The artist’s passion is to show something about nature that moves you to know more about it. More knowledge leads to better understanding and preservation of these creatures of creation.