Tamara Krupchak

Tamara Krupchak
Media : Painting
Studio : Tamara Krupchak Fine Art
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 1996

Artist's Bio

                   Tamara exudes a passion for her art by making her life a work of art. She has been selected and published in Who's Who of American Women  ~ The Millennium Edition. She has also served as a member of the Board of Trustees as well as a past President of the Artist Guild at the San Diego Museum of Art. As a member of the Artists Guild she was fortunate to be juried into the 1994 & 1997 Artist Guild Exhibits at the museum. In 1995 Tamara's work was selected from ten thousand entries across the country by Art Calendar Magazine, the business magazine for visual artist, for a national award. This award entitled her to have her work published in one of their books called" Getting Exposure."

She was born in  East Gary, Indiana in 1956. Her work has been featured in several group shows, including the San Diego Tijuana Yokohama Art Exchange in 1992. This tri-national exhibit traveled to Yokohama, Japan, San Diego, California and the Tijuana Cultural Center in Mexico. In addition, her work is in St. Mary's Health and Learning Center, in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as other corporate collections, including the headquarters of National Healthcare Laboratories, Inc. in La Jolla, CA and Hinchy, Witte, Wood, Anderson and Hodges Law Offices.

Ms. Krupchak was featured on KGTV-Channel 10 for her artwork the "Art of the Parking Meter" exhibit sponsored by the San Diego City Store.  In 1993 she was invited by the San Diego Theatre League to design a bus fare box for Care Fare, a fundraiser for AIDS. It has been displayed at the San Diego Museum of Art.

Prior to living in San Diego, Tamara lived in Los Angeles, California. She has had extensive experience in the field. While in Los Angeles she had the opportunity to work on television sets, paint supergraphics, design greeting cards and show at different galleries. During this period she traveled to Japan where she found herself very intrigued by the Japanese culture which has influenced her work greatly ever since. She continued her formal training at Otis Parsons Art Institute. She also studied in London, England on a study abroad program. Tamara attended Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana and earned her degree in painting in 1978.                                              


Artist's Statement

As a Healing Artist I believe in the power of suggestion is as fascinating a phenomena as the transformative powers of Art on Healing. When we take in information in the form of self-talk, images, sounds or smells we affect the balance of our psyche.  We all perceive information in our own unique way based on our experiences and that intrepretation is stored in our unconscious.  The unconscious is our Higher Self. The unseen Force that guides us. All consciousness is the vibration of energy and information. When the energy and information which encompasses the Mind, Body and Spirit is in harmony we have balance and healing. When it is in disharmony we experience dis-ease.  If we are careful to choose and perceive experiences in a nurturing and loving way, then we can restore the balance and affect our own healing. We can maintain our well being by exploring the darkness of the unconscious and bring it into the light.

In my work you will find images on clear surfaces, found objects and paper. I use a variety of media to promote my own growth and facilitate the wellness in others. A sense of depth and fluid energy is the common thread that ties my work together.  I love the idea of layers and seeing through or beyond those layers to get to the core and the treasure.  The treasure is that place of love, harmony and connection. Mind, Body and Spirit in balance is the natural state of the universe, everything else is an illusion.

I use points of bright color to symbolize the energy and information that all matter is made of. I love the natural flow of life and my works supports and encourages that flow. I have influenced my own health by creating pieces that restore the equilibrium in my psyche. One example is "Breaking Free," a piece done in oil on an Ostrich Egg where the surface is cracking and breaking up with a wonderful bubbling forth of healing energy. In my parking meter piece "Eyes of Time," I created a self portrait of an energized woman sending a strong powerful message of empowerment to my unconscious. I am constantly aware of feeding my unconscious with self-supporting, affirmative messages.  All healing is ultimately self healing.  My work exudes an energy intended to permeate the viewer's unconscious and stimulate a shift in self-perception.