scott Walt

scott Walt
Media : Oil, mixed medium
Studio : Rumblfish Studio
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2016

Artist's Bio

Born: 1959; Began formal art training:1966; BFA Pratt; Designer/Illustrator 5 years; Instructor Oil painting, Color Theory; Figure Drawing/Perspective/Anatomy, Federal Bureau of Prison: 15 years. California Ocean Art Painter: 20 years

Artist's Statement

I paint because I must; (it pumps within my veins).

If painting is life, then when I paint I am breathing and alive.

I paint because I am a waterman and surfer. (inlanders have no alibis).

If the majority of good art is about color, contrast, conflict and beauty then bad art is about the lack of knowladge, intimacy; lack of touch.

I paint because I am a beach boy. (Clever, talented big city boys don't paint.)

I paint because I love the interaction between painter and subject/painter and client.

I paint for the feel of the canvas - the human touch.