Kevin Inman

Kevin Inman
Media : Oil
Studio : Kevin Inman Art
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2012

Artist's Bio


I grew up on US Military installations around the world, then found myself completing high school at the sleepy site of the Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia. Eventually I shook off the military-industrial complex, spent a year studying in Spain and backpacking around Europe, graduated from the University of Virginia, and moved to Washington, DC, where I worked at a series of IT startups. After a few years working as a web designer at Virginia Tech, I went back to school and earned an MFA in oil painting from Radford University. I currently live in San Diego, California, where I focus on plein air landscape painting.

Artist's Statement


Kevin Inman is a San Diego artist, focusing on landscape paintings. Kevin says: "I paint the poetry of everyday things. I admire the bright landscapes of my home in California, and strive to feel them in oil.I think a work of art should be a feast for the eyes, and that intellectual or theoretical qualities are secondary. I think a painting should look good when you put it on the wall. Using old master techniques, I try to work at the crossroads of the Barbizon school and British Postwar Realism." Kevin earned a BA at the University of Virginia, and a MFA in painting at Radford University in Virginia.