Justine (Tina) Belle Javes

Justine (Tina) Belle Javes
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 1992

Artist's Bio

   For the most part, Justine (Tina) Javes is self taught. Her only "formal" training was several years of night classes at the locally famous Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut, where she grew up. Absorbing as much as possible during those classes, she learned some key elements about color, shape and perspective. The rest of her art techniques were learned by trial and error.
   Painting in acrylic on canvas, she has won multiple awards from entering local shows in San Diego. In addition to being a member of the San Diego Artist's Guild, she was also a member at the Balboa Art Club.

   Justine paints in acrylic on canvas with a variety of techniques. A series of photos is taken of the subject. Usually a painting consists of a composite of the best from several photos. Once the outline of the artwork has been drawn on paper to the size of the canvas using the grid system, the back of the drawing is blackened with soft pencil and is transferred onto the canvas. Usually a wash in warm colors is applied first. Blocks of color go on next, starting with dark to light, back to front, sometimes completing certain areas before moving on. Wet on wet blending, dry brush, scumbling and washes are the techniques most often used.  
“I like acrylic for several reasons; I started with them as a child. I love the fact that they dry fast, yet one can still get amazing depth and color by using many thin layers. When one wants to blend, - work fast or use a drying retardant (water will do) to slow the drying time. Or, just blend your light to shadow in the style of the old paint-by-numbers kits; Sort of like organized Impressionism!”


Artist's Statement

Paint What You Know. Paint What You Love. Feel What You Paint.
   “A friend made a serious criticism of my work recently. I summed up the words that were said to me in the three sentences in bold, above. It is the way I approach any new painting now. I feel I am finished with unsure experimentation. Yes, ALL art is experimental in many ways; However, I feel I have reached a point in my life where I am confident and comfortable in the way I approach the paint, the canvas, my life.
  As I grow and learn, I’ve come to the decision that my goal in life has always been, ‘To Be Happy’. That means to be content and satisfied with my life, my situation, the world around me as it is RIGHT NOW. Though it can not always be so, it is what I most strive for. With every birthday candle I blow out, every shooting star I wish upon, it is happiness that I wish for. For if one is happy....nothing else matters.  
   My paintings reflect this philosophy. Always, I’ve wanted to paint “happy” paintings; A scene or mood that brings peace or joy. I have never been one to make a protest statement through my art. I want the viewer to feel peace. I want them to wish they were in my painting if only for a moment; for the RIGHT NOW.”