Jody Abssy

Jody Abssy
Media : Acrylic, Watercolor, Soapstone
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2006
Artist's Resume :

Artist's Bio

Teaching art to high school students for decades in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, allowed me to put my B.A. from Northwestern University and M.A. from Brown University to the test.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my skills in drawing, painting, sculpting and photography with eager young minds that kept me alert and learning. I instilled my love of art history in my students from around the globe who felt immediate connections with works of art that spoke to them without needing language.

I love the immediacy of working in acrylic paint which allows you to change your mind endlessly as the work you are developing evolves.

I love the discipline that watercolor imposes on you as you make indelible marks on paper. I learned restraint and the joy of letting go as the water does the work.

I love sculpting in soapstone which is a slow and reflective process as you bring the life in the stone to clear focus through patient filing, sanding and polishing.

I love printmaking with wooden blocks which challenges your imagination.  You never come to the end of new ways to use your images.  Lately, I've been incorporating them into my acrylic paintings.

I love the challenge of depicting human faces in all media.

I love illustrating my own books and coloring in MY OWN lines.

I have works in private collections wherever I have lived.  I look forward to letting my work find new audiences through the Artists Guild Sales Gallery.

Artist's Statement

My life spirals around my art.  From Endicott to Evanston, Kincardine to Kuwait, Houston to San Francisco, Beirut to Boston, Toronto to Naples and now San Diego, I have made sense of life through art work.

As long as I can remember, I have been drawing, painting, sculpting, drinking in, thinking about, talking about and teaching art.

At various point in my life I have tried to put art aside and act "normal".


The act of creating art fills me with such joy and energy that I have come to realize that this is my best means of being fully alive.

Art can predict.

                   Art can heal.

                                     Art can call us to social justice.

                                                           Art can renew our sense of awe.

                                                                                           Art can delight and lift us.