Jeffrey Comulada

Jeffrey Comulada
Media : Assemblage/Sculpture
Studio : Jeffrey Comulada
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2016
Artist's Resume :

Artist's Bio

Growing up in Southern Califorinia on the Westside of Los Angeles, it was easy to be inspired with the coastline and the natural beauty of local landscapes. Studying art at Beverly Hills High and later at UCLA, my artist path was diverted when mt attention shifted to business adminstration. Returning to art after a varied career in corporate sales, management, real estate, and woodworking, I circled back into art and found assemblage: the collection fo disparate and found objects to create sculptural beauty.

Artist's Statement

Finding items from thrift stores, refuse containors or general discard, I create assemblages a that seek to make of sense of the world and to create beauty. Many of my themes and ideas spring from literature or social issues with a hint of politics.