Jane Darin

Jane Darin
Media : Figurative sculpture in cloth, clay and bronze, jewelry
Studio : Jane Darin Studio
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 1996
Artist's Resume :

Artist's Bio

Imagine waking up one morning to find you have received a fax from the White House! In the fall of 1999, I was invited by Hillary Clinton to create an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree of an American who I felt was unique to America. So I created a cloth figure of Georgia O'Keeffe. For the tree, she could only weigh 6 ounces. A picture graced the tour brochure of the White House for that Christmas season. The sculpture now resides in the Clinton Library

I am inspired to use models to study real features and expressions. I sculpted the people living around me in the community of San Diego, a port city, with its Gas Lamp District, open air cafes, beaches and artists' communities. A Bohemian culture exists side by side with three great Universities, UCSD, SDSU and USD and many high tech corporate offices. In all my sculptures I strive for that moment that creates a dialogue between you and me about being alive now.

I recently began to experiment making jewelry. I am excited to use beads and gems to create express three dimensional art to wear. From the reaction I'm getting, I think people like the freshness of my designs. I hope you find something to buy from among my creations. An extended resume is available here if you wish to see all my prizes, shows and publishing credits.


Artist's Statement

 I wish to share with you how joyful I feel when my artwork answers another person's need. Once  a customer said, "Help me buy this sculpture." Another time a stranger grabbed a sculpture her chest and said, "Can I pay cash?"  A man making a "man-cave" chose a framed bas-relief to begin a "holy spot"  for his room.  A beautiful way of expressing this for me is work as worship. When my sculpture captures someone's bliss, I feel happy.

I love doing commissions for this  reason: using my imagination to meet a customer's need. Like Doc who said his happiest time was when he held his hands in the air just after  washing them before doing a surgery. I did three bronze sculptures finished in nickel, his bust and each hand and arm. He could move the three parts and change their relationship in the whole arrangement. And Harry who had so many daughters and sailboats which he loved; I made a cloth sculpture called "Harry the the Girls,"  with Harry in his boating clothes holding an opened picture wallet filled with pictures of his daughters and sailboats. Later we added a "Big Bertha" golf club, golf shoes and a crossword puzzle book.

Owning an original artwork which reflects an interest of yours, marks a special milestone you encountered or reminds you of a special moment when the gods spoke to you directly and touched your heart is vital. If that artwork is made by an artist that shares your milieu with whom you can share your feelings and aspirations the special time is expanded in both your experience. These are the moments when I'm most happy to be an artist....a time of shared joy.