Helen Cheung

Helen Cheung
Media : Acrylic, Gouache, Soft Pastels
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2012

Artist's Bio

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. in 1989. After the quest to look for knowledge and truth, I came back to my childhood passion, art making.
I am largely self-taught. Falling in love with drawing random things since very young, but I
thought it was a hobby more than a passion. Until about early 2009, possibly caused by
midlife crisis, I took my first official drawing class at UCSD.  I completed the Professional Certification in Art and Creative Process.  While having fun learning the difference between sketching and drawing, the usage of 8B pencil, and the mysterious nature of kneaded eraser, for the first time, I felt...contented. 

Artist's Statement

As everything I do in life, my art doesn’t have a type, a theme, or a must be. I refuse to typecast myself in any art form. The journey is as important as the final artwork. Every second in time, every thought in my mind, every drop of paint is precious.               

The journey goes on... to look for who I am in art.  I don't think it will ever stop.