Schedule an ARTout in your neighborhood - contact the Guild's Hospitality Chair

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To RSVP, please contact the Guild's Hospitality Chair, Marlene Korey,   or at (619) 582-146


“ARTouts” are artist “Get-Togethers” hosted by Guild members. Normally, 10 to 15 members attend. Artists bring a piece of their work to show and we usually have a lively discussion. Artists also bring food to share with everyone.  ARTouts give us an opportunity to  connect with Guild members and get to know each others' works better. 
To RSVP,  please contact the Guild's Hospitality Chair Marlene Korey - (619) 582-1468  Marlene will then provide directions to the ARTouts you are planning to attend.

 Future ARTouts


If anyone is willing to host an ARTout, please contact Marlene.  


RSVP to  Marlene at (619) 582-1468.

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