Cheryl Ehlers

Cheryl Ehlers
Media : Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media
Studio : Cheryl Ehlers Fine Art
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2012

Artist's Bio

Cheryl Ehlers art is influenced by her European experience.  Living in Europe for over 16 years, she began with graphic, commercial and textile design, and graduated into advertizing, fabric and fashion designing before producing her art of today.

Established as an award winning and three time published artist, Ehlers is an impressionist, contemporary and abstract artist, whose signature style is bold, colorful and versatile, using watercolor and acrylic mediums. Ehlers also creates unique sculptures of gourd art for her collection of Whimsical Gourds that are an exceptional item and are registered with the United States Library of Congress and Fine Art Worldwide Registry. She exhibits in several states, remains active in charity auctions, community events and is associated with several galleries, art guilds and public exhibits.

As the founder of The Stardust Arts, she teaches a youth art program in the development of creativity and imagination.  Stardust is a joint ventured , non-profit that is proud to be associated with the Dr. Wilderness Show, an Emmy award winning youth environmental educator program and motivational presenter for Walt Disney.  Together they create the “Magic of Art”, and educate in exhibitions and shows in San Diego County.

Ehlers has taught over 5100 students since 2009 in over 18 schools and is active in the school districts and public group programs.  Recently the “Stardust Angels” program has brought art scholarships to students and continues to support underserved children with an art education. The Stardust Arts is one of only a few art programs recognized by the California State Assembly and the San Diego Board of Supervisors for it contributions to art for the youth in the communities of North San Diego County.




Artist's Statement

"Art, at its best, is creative and imaginative, and it is a gift to be shared with others. To view art you need to close your eyes and sing. One of the engines that drive’s me to paint and create is the desire to increase my knowledge causing me to resist ideas and styles that an artist should repeat his paintings, ideas and style of presentation endlessly in order to be recognized and classified.  Art without emotion is not art"