Photographing Bodie, California and a drive on Historic Rt 395 by Andrei Crandall

School got out on June 15, 2017 at 12:30 and I was on the road by 2 pm. I finished my junior year at Berkeley High School and I wasn't going to waste a moment of my summer vacation. I had gas in the car, maps and 9 days to go anywhere I wanted to. I headed south towards New Mexico but had a huge desire to see the cars at The Beverly Hills Car Club. So,after a night at the historic Prado Hotel in Bakersfield I headed to The Beverly Hills hotel for breakfast and then to the car club. It was worth the drive and stop. I saw old mercedes that were rehabbed to perfection with price tags over six figures. They are works of Art. From there I headed to San Diego and took a day to spend it in Balboa Park at the air and car and photography and art museums. The Deborah Butterfield's horse sculptures were the best. I spent a night in La Jolla and went to the art galleries there. The photo of the Phatom sold by Lik ( claimed to be the highest price paid for a photograph -over $6 million dollars) was interesting. He's a good photographer and businessman. From La Jolla decided to take my time and travel California historic route 395. I went to Lake Arrowhead, stayed at the haunted Motel Del Villa in Lone Pine ( the sight of over 100 western movies shot with the Alabama Hills as the back drop). I went to the Japanese internment camp and spent over an hour taking pictures. I am not sure I captured the feeling that I felt being there. It was a very hot day, over 100 degrees with the beautiful Alabama Hills in the background but yet surreal that we had displaced over 100,000 people into these small barracks in the desert and imagining the fear and uncertainty and shame these people must have felt was hard to capture. I continued my drive to June Lake and stayed at Two Eagles near June Lake.There are three lakes in the area, Gull, Silver and June Lakes. They all rent boats and kayaks. I took one out on June Lake and fed ducks and took in the scenery. I got back on 395 and took a side trip to the historic ghost town of Bodie. It was worth the slow trip on a gravel road that rattled my car and teeth. I lost track of time and place. I want to go back and spend a whole day photographing and walking around the park. Next stop Jamestown. I took route 108 thru the snow of the Sierra's. At one point I wasn't sure my car would make it thru a flood area, but I drove thru the most shallow spot and made it. I saw a wolf and deer and scenery that could make you want stop breathing. It was almost two hours of driving a winding  narrow road that was more beautiful at each turn to an elevation of almost 9000. My last night I spent in the gold rush town of Jamestown. I stayed in another haunted hotel, the Jamestown Hotel in room 3. No visitors or bumps in the night. I had a few more days to spend on the road but decided to head back to Berkeley to pack for a trip to Italy and France. I am not wasting a moment of this summer. But a guy has to rest between adventures. Did I mention I let my mom Kath ride along on the road trip? She was a good travel companion. She was quiet a lot but a good co-pilot and had some good stories about her road trips with her dad when she was a kid.

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Andrei Crandall