My 18th Birthday with Michealangelo in Florence, Italy

I have been a member of the SDMAAG since I was 12 years old and have many wonderful memories of visiting museums around the world and taking pictures inspired by my association with the guild . But, my 18th birthday will always be a stand out. At the end of the day on July 2nd my family and I went to the museum in Florence that houses  the  statue of  The David and has lines usually for hours to get in. But on my birthday it was near the end of the last entrance time and it was a free Sunday and the line was magically short. This was fortunate, one is that I hate to wait in line but more importantly it meant there were fewer people standing in front of one of the most amazing statues in the world. We only stood in line for minutes. When I came around the corner after  going thru the security line and I saw Michealangelo's The David under a dome, I was breathless. I was in the presence  of greatness. I felt it was a good omen to my beginning of adult life. I am a lucky guy. It was a wonderful day and a beautiful birthday.

Artist's Info

Andrei Crandall