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One of San Diego’s premiere galleries is featuring the artwork of internationally known sculptor Maidy Morhous. The gallery will be featuring four sculptures by the artist in the upcoming show “Physique” which encompasses unique portrayals of the human form. Morhous’ artwork stands out with her larger than life bronze sculpture “Expectations…in the wind” portrayal of life’s lost dreams. The sculpture sets upon a marble base, twisting and rising as the form trails off into the wind.

As an artist I often take offence when someone refers to my artwork as a “hobby”. A hobby is defined as an activity done in one’s leisure time for relaxation. An activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. True, I do not derive a substantial amount of my income from the sale of my artwork (at this time… but perhaps my relatives will someday), but I do tend to spend 6-8 hours a day “relaxing” according to the definition.

Under the recommendation of my art mentor Dick Swift, I journeyed to Paris France to the world famous Atelier 17 established by longtime friend Stanley Hayter. As a printmaker/sculpture major I wanted first hand immersion in the arts and from the best, and I was not disappointed. Stanley William Hayter (December 27, 1901 – May 4, 1988) was an English painter and printmaker associated in the 1930s with Surrealism and from 1940 onward with Abstract Expressionism.

I submitted photographs of the President of Ireland from the day he and Ireland's First Lady visited Berkeley. I was the photographer for the Mayor of Berkeley that day. It was a sad day because the president of Ireland was honoring the first responders for the balcony collapse that killed several young students. The pictures were very solemn.

I also submitted one picture of President Obama on the south lawn when  I photographed alongside the White House staff photographers in 2014.

I submitted my first grant proposal to the Berkeley Civics Arts Commission for $3000 last night. I have never done  a grant proposal before. I submitted a proposal to do a project with a former Professor from CAL who is a painter.  His name is Russ Ellis.  I have a painting of his and he has one of my photographs. We have known each other for over 4 years.  We are not sure what the project will be but we hope it will have some historical significance. 

I am honored to be chosen for one of my photographs for this years show. My photograph of the San Francisco Fire Chief on the morning of the  110th anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake was the piece the jurist chose. I got my mom up at 3:30 in the morning to drive over to San Francisco because the ceremony started at 4:30 am. Since I am only 16 my license is restricted and I had to have an adult drive with me. I am glad my mom was willing to get up that early with me. At 5:30 am, the crowd goes silent in memory of all that lost their lives that morning in 1906.

Congress has just made the Bison - America's New National Mammal!  I am excited that we have brought back our Bison due to efforts by captive breeding efforts and wildlife protection agencies.  Thank you Congress Member who voted for this recognition.  Thanks for looking at my painting "Montana Max."


I attended the shareholders meeting for

EBAY on Wednesday 4/26/16 and had the good fortune to be able to ask a question during the Q&A with CEO, Devin Wenig.

After the meeting I got a chance to meet him personally and have a brief conversation. He asked me if I was interested in becoming a design engineer. I said not at this time because photography is still my passion. He gave me his business card that is also a gift card. He was a really cool guy. He gave a good talk too. It was interesting and brief and understandable.

SDMA AG member Jeffrey R. Brosbe will join Nicole Madie Caulfield as Allied Artist Association of San Diego’s Featured Artists for the months of June and July respectively in a two person exhibition of fine art photography entitled NOUNS. 

The exhibition will be on display from May 28 – July 30, 2016. 

A reception will be held on Friday, June 10th, 5 – 7:30 p.m. at the La Jolla Community Center located at 6811 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037. 

I was up at 3:30 am today so I could be in San Francisco in time to take pictures at Lotta's Fountain ( San Francisco's oldest monument) where a crowd of about 200 people were gathered to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake. The Honorable Willie Brown ( former Speaker and Mayor of San Francisco) was there along with relatives of survivors of the quake. A moment of silence at 5:15 am was followed by coordinated sirens from fire engines that was followed by bloody Mary's at Lefty O'Doul's on Geary Street.