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What are the best practices for packaging and shipping artwork?

Here at the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, we get this question a lot.  

One of the best online guides is at Saatchi Art.  They cover almost any scenario you can think of- framed work, unframed work, when to use a special art box, when you need a shipping crate.

Maidy Morhous has observed firsthand tragedies and inequities of mankind in many regions of the world.

A seasoned traveler, she finds inspiration for her artistic expression through experiencing cultures in various locales across the globe.

As fate would have it, Morhous was visiting Japan during the earthquake and tsunami that decimated Sendai, Japan on March 11, 2011.

Jacqueline S. Warfield shares her passion for art and her work in progress as she is plein air painting at Balboa Park in San Diego. Where do you enjoy painting in San Diego? 

I took pictures of President Obama on the south lawn on 4/1/14 at the invitation of the President's Chief photographer, Pete Souza who has mentored me for 2 years and invited me to the White House at the end of March.  I took hundreds of photgraphs of the President and the outside of the White House and the Boston Red Sox.

In my last post, I talked about creating aquatint tones using hard ground and paint markers to cover the plate and protect it from the acid.  In another process, the acid can be painted directly on the plate to create subtle effects and soft edges.

Spit bite: painting acid directly onto the Aquatinted plate

Spit bite: painting acid directly onto the Aquatinted plate

The plate is covered in an aquatint ground (a ground of tiny speckles that will result in very small raised points of metal when etched.  See How Tones Are Created in Etching for more detail on this ground.)

Next, any parts of the plate that need to be protected from the acid are covered in a solid acid-resistant ground, such as liquid hard ground. This appears coffee-colored in the above photo.


The Plein Air Tale of Two Cities

By Jacqueline S. Warfield


Morning Mist, aquatint

Morning Mist, aquatint

If you have ever wondered how the fine tonal areas are created in an etching, here is an example of a modern method.

The idea is to create a speckled pattern of an acid resistant material on the plate so the acid can eat around the speckles, leaving tiny raised metal points. When ink is applied and then wiped with rags, the depth of the etch determines how much ink remains on the plate, and therefore, how dark the printed tones.  In the example at left, the palest tones  resulted from a 10 second dip in the acid, while the darkest areas soaked in the acid about 15  minutes.


So what is thus mysterious speckled resist?  In modern times, we can use spray enamel paint for a quick and reliable method to cover the plate in a fine and even mist.

I have been invited by the President's photographer, Pete Souza to meet him today at the SW entrance to the Whitehouse to take photographs with him of Predident Obama and the World Series winners, the Boston Red Sox. To say that I am excited does not come close to my real feelings.

I bought a new Canon camera to come to Washington with and I used it a lot yesterday touring DC to make sure I know how to use everything on it.

Hello. I'm Jennifer Richards. I am an oil painter in sunny Southern California. I love to paint the peaceful, interesting and unique subjects that draw so many of us to this region, but you'll see in my portfolio that I enjoy painting anything that I feel a personal connection with. I enjoy the constant challenge of taking the everyday sights and objects in my life and portraying  them with my own personal vision.