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I was invited yesterday  by one of the best US Crew coaches in the US, Mike Teti to photograph his  CAL rowing team. They were practicing on the estuary in Alameda. The day was clear and sunny and perfect for photographing some of the best rowers in the nation.

Meeting all of them was an honor. Getting my picture taken with Coach Teti was a highlight of my time with the team.

I am beyond honored to have EllenTsagaris write such an amazing artice on me. It takes my breath away to be mentioned in the same venue with Madame Alexander and so many incredible artist to read the article go to Profile: Roxanna Maria, Doll Artist.

Hello I would like to share with you some recent happenings. I am so honored to have been featured in the new Shiffer Publishing "The Art of the Contemporary Doll" being released in June to see this publication or to order your own read more here

Elizabeth B. Knight, creation artist, and her husband, Steve, photographer, have collaborated with Phil Wagner of Set Free Prison Ministries of Riverside, California, to bring Liz's 7-day creation mosaic series to inmates around the world.  The series is being presented as 5 x 7 "creation cards" in full color with all 7 days displayed with short descriptions detailing the events of each day. 



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Behind the scenes at Oceanside Museum of Art today. New installations take an incredible amount of work and planning. The new exhibit features 100 artists from the last 100 years and the reception is on april 26th. Looking forward to it! — at Oceanside Museum of Art.

Last month, February 2015, LIz's 7-day creation series was accepted by the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, Texas, for future advertising.  The images will be re-created on a bookmark, one for each day.  The center is owned by Dr. Henry Morris III.  His late father, Dr. Henry Morris of Santee, California, was the founder of the company, which long has been highly regarded in the scientific pursuit of truth in creation research.  They employ and publish the works of over 300 PhD. scientists who defend the  creation model of the universe.



Artists Guild Reception To Welcome Our New Members

Saturday March 28
10:15 am - 12 noon

 The reception will take place in the Board Room of The San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park

I had the good fortune to meet Amy Hart last week end. She is the official photographer for the New York Times, Times Square. If you google her you will see some amazing shots of New Year's Eve in Times Square. I was so  excited to meet her. But, then  it got better, Ms. Hart looked at some of the pictures I took of President  Obama last April and she liked my work and asked me to  accompany to a benefit for UCSF/ Benioff Children's Hospital. I couldn't believe it. I was so honored. Unfortunately I belong to a crew team and I had a race on the same day.