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On October28,2015 The President of Ireland, Daniel Higgins and First Lady Sabina Higgins came to Berkeley California to honor the first responders from the accident where six are students were killed after a balcony collapsed on the side of a Berkekey building. I got a call from the Mayor of Berkeley, Tom Bates's office asking me to photograph the reception with the Mayor, The President, the First Lady , Senator Loni Hancock, the Ambassador Anne Anderson, and The Irish consul general.I was honored to be asked to be the Mayor's photographer for the afternoon.

Liz has been featured on the home pages of several art groups on, but the most recent honor was to be invited to juror a nativity/manger scene contest on Catholic Art Gallery.  It was an exciting opportunity!  She enjoyed the process of seeing entries come in, studying the art, researching each artist's bio and other work, and most importantly, selecting the pieces that most eloquently fit the parameters of the contest.  It was a success!  The interesting and most gratifying aspect of the process was seeing the choices of the other jurors and their

I am by nature leery. Just seems to be in my genes after years of dealing with shady art dealers, galleries, etc…. but of late it includes private individuals seeking my artwork. I have a website which allows Galleries and individuals throughout the world to view my bronze sculptures; this is a good thing, but tends to open one to many who are not so good. Over the years, I have had numerous scams by individuals who through my website email asking about a piece of artwork for purchase.

Michael Clark, a photographer for The National Geographic magazine gave a half day talk on Outdoor Adventure Photography on Sunday October 25, 2015 at the SF Art Institute. There weren't many other young people there. It was an interesting talk and his photographs are really good. I took more notes than I take in all my classes at school. He gave some great tips about lighting. He is almost as athletic as the people he's taking pictures of. He told good stories and I was interested the whole time.


I got a call from the Mayor of Berkeley's  office inviting me to follow the Mayor and photograph him with the President of Ireland at the end of this month. I will accompany them to the reception, the tree planting ceremony and the press conference.

The President is visiting to honor the first responders who came to the sight where the balcony gave way on Kitteridge Ave. in Berkeley in June.  Several visiting students died and many were seriously injured.

I was very lucky to turn 16 this summer on the island of Corsica. The beginning of the summer I spent three weeks with my family in England and Ireland. Then I flew to meet up with friends where I had the best birthday party ever. The day was full of surprises. My moms sent over 30 cards from friends and family, I ate incredible chocolate cake  and I got to go waterskiing in the Mediterranean.

Please visit the Facebook page to view the pictures from the Annual Guild meeting that was held at Gallery 21.  On exhibit were the members that participated in the Centenial Member's Exhibiton.  

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I signed up to demonstrate printmaking at the San Diego County Fair.  Watching me draw a new plate for etching is a little like watching grass grow, and isn’t very engaging for Fair attendees, so this year I wanted to do a demo of monotype printmaking. It is a little more painterly and more important, it works up faster.

Majestic Splendor

June 22, 2015 – La Mesa, CA

Artist Duke Windsor of Mt. Helix has been selected as the local artist to represent Senator Marty Block and the 39th Senate District for the 2015 – 2016 California State Senate Contemporary Art Collection Exhibit.  His painting, “Majestic Splendor” was chosen by Senator Block chosen for the gallery of Noel-Baza Fine Arts.


Written by Elizabeth Nutt

Maidy Morhous describes herself as an artist who is dedicated not only to making art with an aesthetic appeal, but also to ensuring that others may derive significant meaning from it. Her contemporary bronze sculptures, most of which depict elements of the human body, are rendered to expose a specific social critique, and are not so much representative as they are symbolic.