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2nd Annual Plein Air Exhibition San Diego

October 10 - November 9

Closing Reception, open to the public:

November 8, 6-9 PM 

View this exhibition online.

I am 15 now and thinking about the different definitions for the word illuminations, made me  look differently at my photographs  when choosing the ones I wanted to submit. When I first became a member at age 12, I probably would have submitted only photographs of Paris at night  of the Eiffel Tower ( I do have some favorites ) or a California Mission  room lit by a candle. Those are obvious photographs that are about lights illuminating the room and a structure. But, this exhibit made me think more about the other definitions.

The 4 biggest Mistakes Artists Make! 


 The making of HUMANITY, a film about the making of the bronze sculpture Humanity by Maidy Morhous. THe sculpture was commissioned by  Heartland FIlms, Inc. in 2013 and will be dedicated October 4, 2014 in Mound City, Kansas. A park is being created for the sculpture that will be placed in the center of a rose garden. There will be benches for people to come and reflect on their lives and that of humanity.

Vita Sorrentino and Renata Spiazzi will be the featured artists with the Allied Aritsts Assoication of SD.

I needed to be around French speakers to  thinik and speak in French again. I went to a french school for grade school.  I was fluent when I was younger but I haven't used it for a couple of years so I am rusty.  But, for my 15th birthday present this summer my parents took me to France. I spent my actual birthday on July 2nd in Paris with my parents and then said good-bye to them for another 3 weeks because I stayed in France and they flew back to Berkeley. I had an amazing time. My first week I stayed with family friends in Paris.

What are the best practices for packaging and shipping artwork?

Here at the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, we get this question a lot.  

One of the best online guides is at Saatchi Art.  They cover almost any scenario you can think of- framed work, unframed work, when to use a special art box, when you need a shipping crate.

Maidy Morhous has observed firsthand tragedies and inequities of mankind in many regions of the world.

A seasoned traveler, she finds inspiration for her artistic expression through experiencing cultures in various locales across the globe.

As fate would have it, Morhous was visiting Japan during the earthquake and tsunami that decimated Sendai, Japan on March 11, 2011.

Jacqueline S. Warfield shares her passion for art and her work in progress as she is plein air painting at Balboa Park in San Diego. Where do you enjoy painting in San Diego?