Bijan Dowlatshahi

Bijan Dowlatshahi
Studio : Bijan Dowlatshahi Fine Arts
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2011

Artist's Bio

An accomplished artist with over fifty years of experience, he was born in Tehran, Iran.  As a teen, he sketched, painted and sculpted, under training of Iranian contemporary masters. At age 22, through a meeting with Abby Weed Grey in Tehran, he received a full scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
While he was in his second year of college, he won the first prize in Minnesota’s sixth biennial, which led to purchase of his artworks by the Minnesota Society of Fine Arts and the Walker Art Center for their permanent collection. Both are in Minneapolis, MN.
Abby Grey purchased a series of his artworks which are now located in New York University, NY, the Grey Gallery’s permanent collection.
He received first place in an international “Waterfront” competition held by New York Municipal Art Society.
His artwork exhibitions are as follows:
One Man show in Unitarian Universalist Church in San Diego, CA.
One Man show in a private residence in Del Mar CA.
Group show in Seyhoun Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA.
One Man show in his own residence, San Diego, CA.
One Man show in private residence, Point Loma, CA.
20 th Annual Jurried Exhibition, in Athenaeum, LaJolla, CA.
In on line exhibition, , San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild.
In Facebook: Bijan Dowlatshahi Fine Arts.

His works are in the following permanent collections:
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.
Hamlin University, Minneapolis, MN.    
New York University, Grey Art Gallery, New York, NY.
University of Minnesota, Doluth Gallery.
Number of private collections in U.S., Canada and Iran.

Artist's Statement

 My works are unique and special; they go deeper than simple and plain visual ideas. Their ideas come to my mind mostly from the imbedded memories of my childhood, sights and sounds of my heritage, Persian rugs, music, architecture and mysticism. A strong influence comes from my mother’s beautiful handcrafts and my father’s poetry, music and handwriting.

The surrounding nature of bare winter trees in Minnesota represent a universally accepted visual image. They represent "a specific moment of time and place frozen in my mind.Time of day is important to me such as dusk in the forest, as well as dawn in the desert; these leave indelible images in my mind which eventually surface on my canvases,

The intricacy of layers shows how my Persian heritage influences me. The canvas and thread are the most fascinating. My challenge is to manipulate and harness my life’s energy in them. I hope that the viewer can grasp, relate and enjoy my art deeper than the simple visual images. They come from the innermost emotions of my life and consciousness. My passion, my love, is art.