Barbara Mosher

Barbara Mosher
Media : Acrylic, Mixed Media, Pastel/Charcoal, Pen and ink, watercolor
Studio : Mosher Studios
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2014

Artist's Bio

I started painting flowers and animals when I was five.  They were very realistic and the perspective was pretty good for such a young artist. My first canvas was the thrown out cardboard from my Fathers starched white dress shirts.  I remember it so well.  The blue on my Hydrangea’s glowed on that cardboard.  I grew up in the Midwest, Michigan to be exact.  My childhood was always filled with adventure and the wonder of nature and specifically color.

I continuously pursued my art and eventually it took me into the more “professional” areas.  I studied at Center for Creative Studies, Detroit Michigan and became an automotive designer for General Motors.  Those winters are brutal and once I had had enough, I moved to San Diego where my art took a different “professional” turn.  I was an interior designer and also owned a graphic printing business.  While those are respectable professions it did not feed my creative soul. 

As life takes us on our journey my world became filled with so many family and life happenings, my art began to be an irregular event in my life.  The ache to create, to paint, to draw became so intense, I could think of nothing else. I now have  returned to abstract painting, sculpting, drawing. …and those Blue Hydrangeas.

Artist's Statement

My art is filled with color, joy and love, sometimes whimsy, sometimes beauty. It is exactly the feelings I have when I pick up a brush or put my hands in the paint - pure joy and love.

I paint my abstracts through intuitive painting, usually only selecting the basic color palette to start, and morphing from there.  I love color.  I love every color and to see how they interact together is exciting to me. Light, dark, bright or muted, my eye is filled with wonder.  I love circles and shapes and lines. To see how they relate and communicate is a wonder.

Please join me on my journey.  I live in awe of the world around me and hope to translate it for the world to see. I hope you see the love I am feeling while I create.  It is me.