Try To Remember 2

Try To Remember 2
Artwork Length: 12.00in.
Artwork Width:  16.00in.
Price: $500.00

Women have been depicted so many different ways by so many different cultures over the ages.  This painting reflects on some ancient and some contemporary images of women.

Clockwise from upper left hand corner:


1.   Bedouin woman of Egypt 

2.   Celestial Being  Apsaras  Edo Period 17th-18th C. Japan

3.   Angelika Torres   Seri Indian: Sonora, Mexico

4.   Tatiana Larson  (7 weeks) Ver Ballman's granddaughter

5.   Shri Devi   Tamil Nadu c 1100 Chola Dynasty    India

6.   Aphrodite Matriarchal Coddess     Greece

7.   Rock Shelter Woman:  Tebesh Mountain Prehistoric     Chad

8.   Labyrinth Quattrofoil   European

9.   Matrushka Doll     Russia

10. Women Running:  Oenpelli, Unbalania, Northern Australia

11. Pottery Woman with Iguanas:    Sonora, Mexico

12. "Woman After the Bath"  Hashiguchi Goyo   1912   Woodblock

Artist's Info

Jody Abssy
Jody Abssy
Acrylic, Watercolor, Soapstone

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