Silk Silk
Artwork Length: 5.00in.
Artwork Width:  5.00in.
Artwork Height: 13.00in.
Artwork Weight: 10.00lb.
Price: $1,533.00

"In art as in love, instinct is enough."   Anatole France

With the nature of his individual spirit, even his hair seemed to be having a good time. A coiled snake spiraled down one side lock much like a caduceus on a doctors emblem. I concentrated on how the playfulness of his curls with the rings and such crept into the laugh creases around his eyes and mouth. The more we talked the more I understood he felt really happy to be alive. I asked his ethnic background thinking he would say African. Yet his mother was Chinese, he told me. "And my father was a Blackfoot Indian." And I immediately felt the Indian nature of him as I noticed how like a grouping of feathers his topknot looked.

The sculpture was sponsored originally by Drs. Robert and Joann Sandlin of San Diego, CA whose love of Africa and African art was wide ranging after an extended visit some years earlier. It filled their need to expand a present collection so each one of their extended family of children would have sculpture to inherit. 

This is #3 in an edition of 9.  

I used Silk as a model once again for "Remembered Melody, a bas relief. 



Artist's Info

Jane Darin
Jane Darin
Figurative sculpture in cloth, clay and bronze, jewelry

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