Prickly Nopal

Prickly Nopal
Artwork Length: 0.75in.
Artwork Width:  24.00in.
Artwork Height: 30.00in.
Artwork Weight: 2.00lb.
Price: $650.00
PRICKLY NOPAL – Acrylic on Canvas - 24”W x 30”HIn English, we call this cactus a “Prickly Pear”. In Spanish, it is known as a “Nopal”.This painting is a composite of several photos taken at “El Rancho” while the cactus were in bloom along the driveway of our future home site in Ensenada.  When we first learned that our close friend and co-worker, Paul, had terminal cancer, I stopped painting to give my extra time to him; helping out, cooking, visiting, loving him.When he died on September 4 of 2015, I was too sad to start painting again.In mid-October I started this painting.I chose to paint in my latest “theme” – a floral; something that seemed far removed from my thoughts of Paul.Now that it is complete, I see that it is not that far removed at all. The flower blooms are vibrant, showy, wild and beautiful; beckoning and inviting; Paul’s personality to a tee. Yet the cactus body is untouchable and full of thorns; keeping those that want to get close, at a safe distance. Enhancing the mystery of secrets within. How like Paul; The Yin and the Yang of life. That was SO Paul.

Artist's Info

Justine (Tina) Belle Javes

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