Oceanic Fantasy

Oceanic Fantasy
Oceanic Fantasy Oceanic Fantasy
Artwork Length: 6.00in.
Artwork Width:  7.00in.
Artwork Height: 10.00in.
Artwork Weight: 3.00lb.

This work was handbuilt by using a slab technique. For the lower part (body) of the piece I created a pinch pot. I added textured pieces of clay to the top section to complete the design. I used sea shells I had collected to press into the clay to give it an "ocean" seaweed appearance.
The firing process is called saggar which leaves various colors and patterns on the finished work. These colors can include deep ochres, gold, and brown. In Japanese, saggar means "a box". The initial artwork is bisque fired (first firing) to remove most of the water from the clay. It is then wrapped with combustibles (colorful magazine pages, seaweed, wood chips, banana skins, etc.), then encased in a ceramic box and fired to produce a complete work of art.
Oceanic Fantasy was accepted in the 2001 Small Image Show in Gallery 21 Spanish Village Art Center, San Diego, CA.

Artist's Info

Vicky DeLong
Vicky DeLong

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