Artwork Length: 48.00in.
Artwork Width:  1.50in.
Artwork Height: 30.00in.
Artwork Weight: 12.00lb.
Price: $5,000.00

This abstract impressionist landscape captures the view northward towards Punta La Gringa in Bahia de Los Angeles, on the Sea of Cortez.  This peaceful stretch of sandy beach is a seashell collectors treasure trove.  La Isla Corona is seen in the distance.  One of the most remarkable places on earth, this area of Baja California is pristine, and known for its geological diversity.  No doubt why the Jesuit and Franciscan orders from Spain established the lifeline of Missions from the tip of Baja to Northern California...there's gold in them there hills.  This favorite perspective, taken from the Villa Bahia hotel right on the beach, is a great place to experience serenity in its most pure form.

Artist's Info

Joseph Edward Allen
Joseph Edward Allen
Oil on Canvas

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