Hippeastrum ‘toscana

Hippeastrum ‘toscana
Artwork Length: 15.00in.
Artwork Width:  22.00in.
Price: $275.00

Hippeastrum ‘Toscana (type of Amaryllis)

A genus of plants, belonging to the natural order Amaryllidaceæ, tribe Amarylleæ, and type of Kunth's subtribe Hippeastreæ. They have an infundibuliform perianth with a short tube and with the faucial membrane deficient on the lower side, and an irregular limb. The stamens are unequal, declined, and unequally fixed; the ovary is 3-celled; the style 3-lobed or 3-cleft; the leaves are 2-ranked and narrow; the stem is fistulous; the bulbs are tunicate; and the flowers in a 2-to many-flowered umbel. About 50 species are known, natives of South America and the West Indies. They are known in cultivation as the knight's-star lily or equestrian star, many of the species being large and very showy. They comprise most of the plants of hothouses cultivated under the name of Amaryllis. H. aulicum, H. equestre, and H. regium are crimson, scarlet, or orange-red with a green star. H. reticulatum is purplish-red, veined with deeper red, and with a white center.

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