Half Dome From Olmstead Point

Half Dome From Olmstead Point
Artwork Width:  14.00in.
Artwork Height: 13.00in.
Price: $145.00

Half Dome from Olmstead Point is a black and white etching, inspired by the view of the famous rock formation as seen from the North, from Olmstead Point along the Tioga Road in Yosemite. I was fascinated by how different the promontory appears from this angle.  Of course, it required use of a telephoto lens to get good reference photos to work from back in the studio. The striations in the rock formations and the gnarled old tree in the foreground suggested the use of a black and white image to portray the starkness of the landscape and emphasize the strong shapes and patterns of the glacier-carved weathered rock.  

Half Dome from Olmstead Point  is an etching,  a form of original print, created using etching and aquatint techniques. Nitric acid was used to etch the design into a zinc plate to create the image. The plate was then inked by hand and wiped with rags to remove excess ink, revealing the highlights of the design. Damp paper was then laid over the plate and covered with several soft blankets made of felt.  This package was pulled through a double roller press, forcing the paper fibers deep into the plate, transferring the ink from the etched areas to the paper. The plate must be entirely cleaned before it can be inked and printed again. 

Half Dome from Olmstead Point is available unframed in a signed limited edition of 100 original hand-pulled prints, printed on BFK Rives paper.  It is matted with archival rag mat board and mounted on archival ArtCare foam board. Image size is 12.75"X 13.87" and mounted size is 19" x 20". 

Artist's Info

Julianne Ricksecker
Julianne Ricksecker
Original Printmaking, Monotype, Pastel, Watercolor

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