Artwork Length: 30.00in.
Artwork Width:  2.00in.
Artwork Height: 40.00in.
Artwork Weight: 7.00lb.
Price: $3,000.00

I was transitioning from representational to abstract. I found myself abstracting landscapes and then I started carrying it to another level and creating something from nothing and I started this cityscape. I love painting with the palette knife because

the knife is liberating for me and allows me to be bolder than with a brush. I was contemplating on the currents of the air and the sea and I just went to the place of adding the horizontal dashes to depict the currents and movement of air in the city. The city is no place in reality, but is the energy and hustle and bustle of a metropolitan place.

Artist's Info

Connie McCoy
Connie McCoy

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