Colors of Venice

Colors of Venice
Artwork Length: 1.00in.
Artwork Width:  36.00in.
Artwork Height: 36.00in.
Artwork Weight: 3.00lb.
Price: $1,500.00

Acrylic on Canvas. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy. The morning colors were breathtaking. I wanted to capture the sky and buildings reflected in that murky water. The gondolier operator and tourists were captured in a photograph I took off of a bridge. I decided to paint them in, and have the operator singing. I let my fantasies go crazy when I painted a naked woman hiding behind the window. I fancied she was in love with the gondolier operator.

This was created from a composite of 4 or 5 different photographs with quite a bit of imagination blended in. I took a bridge from one photo the people from another. The buildings on the left side of the painting is another separate photo. The buildings on the right is from another. I used my imagination in the shadows cast from the buildings, and embellished the colors to a richer intensity.

Artist's Info

Justine (Tina) Belle Javes

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