Carlsbad Lagoon II

Carlsbad Lagoon II
Artwork Length: 16.00in.
Artwork Width:  20.00in.
Price: $350.00

Not normally a plien air painter, thought I would try to redo it over and capture what I might have missed.  As Picasso said paint waht you do not see.  Kinda hard when your staring at nature and all it splendor.

Next one will be in my own style and most likely very colorful   Onward and upwards!

Art in Emotion is how I create and imagine my art.  Each piece was created in a moment in time where everything else around me stops and I became part of what I was envisioning.  Whether it be 2 hours or 6, the works are normally completed in one session.  Passion and the ability to stay in the   moment brings forth the bold colors and creativity in my final artwork.

I love the process of creating art.  It is a symphony between music, nature and emotions applied with an instrument named a paint brush or any tool. In unison, the song begins.

Creating from emotion, and with a passion for celebrating what has been brought into my life, it is the one of the engines that drive’s me to resist ideas and styles that an artist should repeat her/his paintings endlessly in order to be recognized and be classified.   I prefer placing on paper what draws my attention and emotional reaction at the moment in time. Raw thought, pure emotion.  I can’t imagine a world without art and am proud to be able to contribute as an artist. Art without emotion is not Art.

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