Blue Heron

Blue Heron
Artwork Width:  20.00in.
Artwork Height: 25.00in.
Price: $800.00

Hiking around Kumeyaay Lake on a bright, hot October afternoon, I glanced at the dense underbrush just as I rounded a bend in the path and caught sight of this beautiful blue heron, hiding in the shadows.  It may be a frequent hiding spot for this magnificent bird, for there was a bench nearby, and I sat down and watched him for a while.  He stayed in the dappled shadows silhouetted against the sparkling water, whether to stay cool or to stay camouflaged, I couldn't say! Our quiet moment by the lake inspired me to paint him in his cool green hiding place.

"Blue Heron" is a soft pastel on Canson Mi Tientes paper.  It is mounted on archival board, matted with museum mat, and framed in a copper colored Neilson aluminum frame.

Artist's Info

Julianne Ricksecker
Julianne Ricksecker
Original Printmaking, Monotype, Pastel, Watercolor

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