Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind
Blowing in the Wind
Artwork Length: 52.00in.
Artwork Width:  42.00in.
Price: $3,000.00

This Art Quilt was inspired by my small sketch using curved lines. It has beautiful colors of pink, green, gray, and some yellow and black. I created it with my original bias technique. I made hand dyed bias strips which seperate each section of the design. When it was finished, it seemed to be "Blowing in the Wind."

I enlarged my small sketch 400%. On my design board, I traced the design and cut each piece to use as a template for fiber selections. After selecting all the many pieces, I fused them to a background of a large piece of hand dyed fabric. Then I appliqued the pieces with the bias strips. The entire surface is densely free-motion quilted which gives this Art Quilt tremendous depth and texture.

Materials:  Hand dyed cotton fabrics, hand made bias strips. 

Techniques:  Fused, bias appliqued.  Free-motion machine quilted.

Exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art  juried "Regional 5", Oceanside, California

"Blowing in the Wind" is ready to hang. On the back side are two fabric sleeves, one in the top and one in the bottom. Each sleeve holds a flat aluminum rod. The top rod has a hole at each end for easy hanging. These rods guarantee a flat hanging work of art with both rods and sleeves invisible from the front.

Artist's Info

Julianne Ricksecker
Doria Anne Goocher
Fiber Art

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