Andrei Crandall

Andrei Crandall
Media : photography
Studio : AndreiCaptures
SDMAAG Member : Artist Member
SDMAAG Member Since : 2012

Artist's Bio

I was born in a small city in Far Eastern Russia.  I moved to Berkeley, California when I was four years old.  I learned to communicate in pictures before I learned to communicate in English.  I was given my first camera  on the plane from Moscow to New York to keep me entertained.  I took a lot of pictures of my feet. That first experience with a camera began my love of photography.

I am fourteen years old now and I hope to take pictures around the world for the rest of my life.  I am lucky enough to have parents who love to travel and take me and my camera with them.  I have taken pictures in Fiji, Bermuda, France, Spain, The Virgin Islands, China, Mexico, and several states in the United States. Last year we  travelled to New Orleans, Chicago, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona. I think I got my best photographs in New Orleans and in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I attended a French bilingual school for grade school.  I now attend Longfellow Middle School in Berkeley where I am on the honor roll. I am fluent in French and English.

I have taken classes at the Berkeley Repertory Theater and University of California Summer Tech Course for photographersI am  mostly a self taught photographer.  I take photographs with a Canon Rebel XS. I have been encouraged by my Aunt Maureen and California Professor Sally Stein, UC Irvine.  My idol is Ansel Adams who started taking pictures when he was eleven years old.

I am a golfer, a drummer, a swimmer, a cook and a horseman. I enjoy movies, aviation video games and books about San Francisco, Steve Jobs and travel.  I am a Justice in Action arbitar.  This is a  paid position with the City of Berkeley that helps youth be peer counseled and encourage  to stay out of trouble by doing community service instead of  being on probation. I also attend an after school organization run by the University of  California, Berkeley  Haas Business School called YEAH ( young entenpreneurs at Haas) that teaches us finacially literacy tools, goes over case studies and  helps us create a company at the end of the year. Last year I was the CEO and our company came in second in a competiton at the business school ( I didn't have our group learn a rap song which the winning company did! But, we did make the most profit).

In November 2012,  I was sworn in as a Berkeley Youth Commissioner after being nominated by Berkeley Mayor Bates. I attend monthly meetings and promote arts for Berkeley youth.  June of 2013, I was voted Board Chair.

On May 17, 2013, I was awarded a certificate by the Mayor of Berkeley at a ceremony at UC Berkeley's International House  for my community service. I think it made my parents proud.

My photograph of  a single jellyfish taken at the Monterrey Bay Acquarium,  was chosen as one of the pictures of the month for the Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine in the April 2010 issue.

 I have sold my photographs in the Collector's Gallery in Berkeley, CA.  I have had three private shows in the Better Homes and Garden gallery in Berkeley and at the Hermosa Salon, also in Berkeley.  Collectors in France, New York, Florida, Fiji, South Carolina, Florida, Chicago, Calfornia, Portland, Wisconsin and Arizona have purchased my photographs.

I am lucky and honored to be one of the youngest members of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild.

For a summer project in 2012 I shadowed the Mayor of Berkeley, California for a day. I  photographed  him from the time he had his last cup of coffee at home to him riding public transportation, greeting people on the street, participating in public and private meetings and working with his staff in City Hall.  A show of my photographs the Mayor liked the best were displayed in the gallery at Better Homes and Garden in Berkeley and at Cafe Clem for a fundraiser for the Mayor's re-election campaign.  The Mayor also put a slideshow I created of several of my photos of the day  I spent with him  on his Facebook page.  This was a huge honor and one that my school principle congratulated me about.

On July 3, 2012,  I shadowed  California State Senator Loni Hancock for the day.  I was priviledged to have full access to her working with other Senators and her staff for the entire day. I did my best to work like my hero photographer Pete Souza. Mr. Souza is the photographer to the President and his goal is to become invisible but to capture the moments that are making history. 

I completed an internship with the Official California State Senate photographer for one of my summer of 2013 projects.  Ms.Shelley offered me the position after she saw my work  from my days  shadowing Mayor Bates and  Senator Hancock and my membership in the Artist Guild. I feel honored to have been chosen one of the youngest interns.

Every Friday morning before school I have breakfast at the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley with my mom. We read the San Francisco Chronicle's business and sports sections together at the counter and say hello to the staff.  I was invited at the end of last year to show my photographs at the Homemade Cafe.  My  solo show was shown for over 6 months.  The show was, of the Homemade Cafe- the food, the staff, the people and the coffee.  I think I captured the feeling of this favorite Berkeley restaurant.  It's a great place to eat, meet friends and hang out.

I showed my New Orleans show at the Alta Bates Community Art Gallery in Novemeber 2013.  I was featured in two local newspapers.

I am showing at the Expressions Art Gallery in the HOMELESSNESS Show 1/14-4/14.

FEBRUARY 2014-I just received an acceptance congratulations letter from the Oakland School for the Arts in the Digital Media School! I will attend OSA for High School.

I hope to study photojournalism in college.  I would like to teach photography at a University. I also want to be the photographer to the President of the United States someday like Pete Souza is doing today.


Artist's Statement

I try to capture the moment that means something to me. That means I have to stop to get it.